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Get to know Rachel

My playful creative spirit was born into this world with a deep hunger for stories; stories which tell us who we are and what we are truly capable of. This passion for stories is reinforced by my curiosity with the world and exploring the many ways in which this enthusiasm can find expression.


Through my own experience with the brutality of complex trauma, and my frustration with western practices inability to recognise, doctor or support the impact this ordeal can have on a person’s capacity for living, I was moved to explore other
modalities of recovery in the body, the mind and at the social stratum.

I was drawn to study Creative Writing, Humanities and Philosophy receiving my master’s degree in Intercultural theology and interreligious studies with the high hopes of becoming a warrior for social justice. And it was during this time that the practice of yoga called to me. The wisdom contained in this ancient practice offered me valuable insights into the nature of being and gave me room to unpack the deeper issues that can affect us all. Yoga nurtured my playful spirit; it gave me pause to hone my writing and it became the key to unlocking the deeper elements of my healing that were otherwise
inaccessible to me.

We live in the body and not just with the body.


This belief is a key element in how I express myself today. So now I try and live with an open heart so I can write, teach, and embrace creativity from an instinctual one. Allowing my contribution to the world to invite you into a sacred inquisitive space so you can allow the truest and deepest stories of your body and soul to unfold.

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If you are on a path without obstacles, you are on someone else’s path."

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